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    Wart Removal Bangalore

    Those bumps that you see on your skin that are slightly raised and have a different hue are called warts. Warts are very common and can be found in different regions of your body. These extra growths of flesh that resemble a mini cauliflower are not all that rare and it affects about 20% of the population worldwide.

    Warts can be treated effectively and you don’t have to suffer from them thinking it will go away on its own. They are commonly seen on the hands, feet, face, and the knees.  People of all age groups can get warts though children are more prone to getting them. Warts are benign bumps on the skin and in the next section, we will explore warts in detail.

    wart removal
    wart removal in bangalore

    What are warts?

    Warts are caused by viruses belonging to the human papillomavirus or the HPV family. When this virus enters your skin through any cut or break in the skin then these warts are formed. In simple terms, warts is the infection of the skin caused by a virus. 

    Warts are contagious and can spread from person to person or from one region of the body to another by direct skin contact. They vary in size and intensity and they do not go away on their own. They need to be cured just like any other ailment. Warts come in different shapes and sizes hence they have been categorized into different types, which we have discussed in the next section.

    Types of warts

    We have listed the types of warts below:

    • Common warts: These warts are small and the size of a pea. They are bumpy and have a red hue. They are found on the back of your hands, fingers, skin around your nails, etc. 
    wart removal
    • Plantar warts: These warts are flat, tough and thick and usually grow on the soles of your feet. Often mistaken for calluses these warts can be painful as they grow into your skin making it feel like you are stepping on pebbles.
    • Flat warts: These warts are smaller, smoother, and flatter. They are more common in children and men’s beard areas. They usually have a pink or a brownish hue.
    • Filiform warts: These warts are fast growing and resemble tiny bushes. Even though they don’t hurt they can be annoying especially if they grow around the eyes. They are usually skin color.
    • Periungual warts: These are warts that occur in the nails and tend to be very painful.

    Now that you know about the different types of warts let us look into how they are treated.

    wart removal Treatment in Bangalore

    How are warts treated?

    Warts or verruca are treated by only dermatologists in their clinic. The different ways to treat warts have been listed below:

    • DNCB Treatment: This treatment treats warts with Dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB) like salicylic acid. It is effective in getting rid of warts especially if they are in the early stages.
    • Cryotherapy Treatment: Cryotherapy involves freezing. This treatment uses liquid nitrogen to treat the wart.  First, the affected area is anesthetized and then the wart is cut with surgical scissors and the area is closed with liquid nitrogen.
    • Laser Therapy: The wart is exposed to an intense beam of laser to burn the wart tissue leaving the affected area wart free.
    • Topical medication: The doctor will diagnose the type of water and prescribe your ointments and creams that will effectively get rid of the wart for you.
    • Electrofulguration: The affected area is anesthetized with a local anesthesia and then using radio frequency or electrocautery the wart is removed from your skin. 

    In the next section, let’s discuss the type of treatments we provide our clients in our clinic.

    The services we offer

    We provide a range of services depending on the type of wart you have and the severity of the wart. We have listed our treatment plans down below:

    • Topical Medication: Tropical medication involves many prescription ointments, creams and drugs that will effectively cure the wart for you as it is caused by a virus and pur dermatologists will prescribe it after looking at your warts.
    • DNCB Treatment: Our doctors will be performing this procedure where the affected area is treated with salicylic acid to get rid of the wart. 
    • Cryotherapy Treatment: This procedure will be performed by our expert doctors and they will remove the wart with surgical scissors and close up the area by freezing it using liquid nitrogen.
    • Laser Therapy: Our doctors will perform this treatment and they will decide the number of sessions you will require to completely remove the wart using beams of laser.
    • Electrofulguration: The wart is removed using electrocautery and will be performed by our doctors only after anesthetizing that area with a local anesthesia
    wart removal

    Our dermatologists will decide on the treatment plan after looking and diagnosing your skin thoroughly and may combine treatment plans if they feel necessary. In the next session, we have discussed how to prevent warts so that once you are done with the treatment you can maintain a healthy skin and prevent warts from coming back.

    wart removal

    How to prevent warts?

    The good news is warts can be prevented. You just need to be cautious when dealing with your skin. Here, we have given a few tips that will prevent warts from coming back again.

    • Get the HPV vaccine to prevent warts in the first place
    • Never shave over your warts
    • Do not bite your nails or cuticles 
    • Do not share towels, clothes, razors and other personal items with others
    • Never touch another person’s warts as warts are contagious and spread through direct contact
    • Always keep your feet dry as it has the most sweat glands
    • Never scratch, cut or pick at a wart

    Why choose us to treat your warts?

    Glamour Skin Care Bangalore is one of the most sought after cosmetology clinics in Bangalore. Our expert dermatologists are board certified and have many years of experience under their belts. Our technicians are highly trained and leave no stone unturned to make you comfortable while you undergo the procedure. Our doctors and staff are very friendly and reliable and you can be assured that you are getting the best treatment for your skin condition.Our clinic is equipped with the state of the art facility and all the equipment and machines we use reflect the latest market trends. Our services are very budget friendly and you can get your skin condition treated without burning a hole in your wallet. Our expert dermatologists treat every skin condition you have from a holistic perspective.

    wart removal

    We have many happy and satisfied clients who were able to cure their skin conditions successfully and have glowing and radiant skin. This has  boosted their confidence as they have the skin they have always aspired for. 


    There are many myths surrounding warts and it is one of the least understood skin ailments. It is also difficult to differentiate a wart from any other skin condition. At the end of the day, a wart cannot be neglected and getting medical treatment is your best bet in curing yourself from this skin affliction. 

    Our clinic Glamour Skin Care Bangalore has expert doctors and staff who have many years of experience treating skin conditions like warts. Do pay a visit to our clinic and get rid of this ailment permanently at a very reasonable rate. We are open on all days of the week and operate from Monday to Sunday. Do drop by for a consultation and take the first step in getting rid of them permanently.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens if I leave my warts untreated?

    Warts are highly contagious and if left untreated they might grow on another region of the body or can get transmitted to another person. They can also grow in size and increase. Warts might not go away on their own. Since this is caused by a virus and isn’t a skin condition, it is better to get it treated.

    Are all types of warts caused by HPV?

    HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus and this family of viruses contains over 150 strains of viruses. All warts are caused by this particular group and it needs to be treated by a doctor.

    Are warts benign or cancerous?

    Warts are benign meaning that they are not cancerous. Common warts wont turn cancerous and they are caused by the virus HPV.

    Can any food deficiency cause warts?

    A diet that is low in vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 and vitamin D along with low levels of important minerals like zinc don’t provide the body with enough immunity to fight the HPV virus causing a wart to appear on your skin.

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