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    Tattoo Removal Bangalore

    Tattoos are fun. Many people get different tattoos for different reasons. And body art has always been a way of expressing oneself. From famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie to the common man everyone has inked themselves. The trend of tattoos is not something new and has been in existence since time immemorial.


    tattoo removal

    Tattoos come in different shapes and sizes and it is the insertion of ink or dye into the layers of the skin. It cannot be removed easily and usually most tattoos are permanent and that is why they say think before you ink. The very process of inking yourself might be painful but the mechanism behind it is interesting and we will discuss it in the next section.

    tattoo removal in Bangalore

    How does a tattoo work?

    Tattoos are considered works of art, but really there is science behind the whole thing. Here we will explain how. The permanent design or images are injected into the skin by needles that deliver ink. 

    There are several layers of the skin with the epidermis being the top most layer and the dermis is right below it. The ink is injected into the dermis by a machine that pricks your skin 1000 times per minute via a needle. Some machines also inject the ink at a frequency of 3000 pricks per minute. 

    Epidermis is constantly shedding and this is natural, whereas the dermis is that layer of the skin that holds all the collagen fibers, nerves, glands and blood vessels and this layer is never shed. Ink or dye is injected to this layer of the skin creating permanent images on your skin. That is why removing a permanent tattoo is next to impossible unless there is medical intervention.

    In the next section, we discuss the different treatments available to remove a tattoo.

    What treatments are available to remove a tattoo permanently?

    There are several methods available to remove a tattoo but they are all medical procedures which are done by dermatologists (doctors who specialize in treating the skin). We have listed these procedures below:

    • Laser treatment: Beams of laser are shot into the skin that break down the ink particles further. These small ink particles are then absorbed by the lymphatic system of the body and expelled. This treatment is quite effective in removing the tattoo permanently and depending on the region and size of the tattoo multiple sessions might be required.
    tattoo removal
    • Dermabrasion: This procedure involves the doctor using a tool to remove the outer layers of the skin which contain the ink. This procedure is quite painful and is performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the size of the tattoo. The wound takes a long time to heal and one might have to undergo multiple sessions to remove the tattoo completely.
    • Chemical Peels: Mild acids that are derived from plant extracts are used to remove the outer layer of the skin that contains the tattoo ink. Though this is a painless procedure it might cause some discomfort to the patient and it depends on the patient’s pain threshold. The recovery time can vary and is up to one week depending on the size of the wound.
    • Surgical method: This is an invasive method where the skin that contains the tattoo is surgically removed. But this is not recommended any more as they are better alternatives available and it is not a practical solution for a big tattoo.

    Now, let’s look at the treatments available at our clinic Glamour Skin Care Bangalore.

    tattoo removal

    The services we offer

    We understand that sometimes you might have gotten inked without thinking it through. That is why we have a range of treatments that will lighten or remove your tattoo permanently.

    • Laser Treatment: Beams of laser are shot through the skin on the tattoo so that the ink particles break down further into smaller particles which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and expelled from the body.
    • Dermabrasion: This procedure will be performed by our dermatologists and they will use a grinding tool that will remove the outer layers of the skin containing the ink.
    • Chemical Peel: Acids of fruit and plant extracts are applied on the skin and they will remove the top layer of the skin containing the tattoo ink.

    All our procedures and treatment plans are approved by the US FDA and are very safe to use on Indian skin as they have been tested on Indian skin.

    How is the procedure of tattoo removal?

    • Step 1: Once you come into our clinic for a consultation our expert dermatologists will examine your tattoo. They look at the age of the tattoo, the size, the design and the colors used. Depending on these factors they will choose the treatment plan as well as the number of sessions required to completely erase the tattoo.
    • Step 2: A numbing cream is applied on the tattoo so that you won’t feel the effects of the treatment. 
    • Step 3: Laser or the treatment designed for you is administered on your tattoo 


    tattoo removal

    After each session the skin in that region might look red and swollen. This is completely normal and there is no need for you to panic. The swelling and redness vanishes in a span of a few weeks. 

    Repeat sessions will be required and this will be determined by our doctors. They will also recommend the gap required between the sessions. In case of laser treatment a gap of four to eight weeks is required between sessions on average. This will help the skin to get rid of as much pigment as possible.

    tattoo removal

    Why choose us for tattoo removal?

    Glamour Skin Care Bangalore is one of the leading cosmetology clinics in Bangalore and we have a range of services and treatment plans when it comes to removing your tattoo permanently. That’s not all, our expert dermatologists are board certified with many years of experience and they sit with you to design a plan that is tailor made just for you. Our technicians are well trained and highly qualified and do their utmost to make you comfortable during the sessions.

    Our clinic has state of the art facilities and we have the latest equipment available on the market. Our products and services are very budget friendly and we are sure you will be happy to know that you can remove your tattoos at a very pocket friendly rate. 

    We have many happy and satisfied clients who were able to get rid of their tattoos successfully. We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best to our customers and helping them get back their original skin without the tattoo.


    Tattoos have become very common and more mainstream than ever before. And with many tattoos come a few regrets. Not everyone likes the tattoos they have and some might even come to regret having them. Since tattoos are permanent, getting rid of them can become quite the ordeal.

    But not anymore. We at Glamour Skin care Bangalore specialize in all things skin and our expert dermatologists will be able to remove your tattoos successfully without burning a hole in your wallet. We operate on all days of the week from Monday to Sunday so feel free to drop by our clinic and take the first step in the right direction to getting your tattoo removed permanently.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does it pain when getting the tattoo removed?

    This depends on the kind of treatment you are getting. For laser removal many patients say that they feel a sting that is similar to snapping a rubber band on the skin. Chemical peel depending on the solution will leave your skin tingling. 

    How many laser sessions will I need to completely remove my tattoo?

    There is no hard and fast rule for this. This depends on the size of the tattoo location, depth and the color of the tattoo. Each session will have a gap of 4 -8 weeks so that the body can remove the maximum amount of tattoo pigment after the session. You will be able to notice your tattoo lightning after each session of laser treatment.

    Are there any benefits attributed to the laser treatment?

    Laser treatments have now become the standard for removing tattoos because they are safer, less invasive, and only target the ink lying in your dermis. And after each session, you can go home and there is no recovery time needed. 

    How will my skin look after the laser treatment?

    After the laser treatment your skin will be red and swollen, and this is completely normal. The skin goes back to normal in a few weeks and the results can be seen after a few weeks of treatment.

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