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    Plastic Surgery at Bangalore

    When you hear the word plastic surgery what comes to your mind? Plastic surgery is very common these days and almost anyone and everyone has gotten a simple procedure done. Most celebrities you know have at some point gone under the knife. The trend of plastic surgeries doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon and it is often talked about in all circles.

    Then what is plastic surgery and why is it such a hot topic? Let’s take a look in the next section.


    What is plastic surgery?

    Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that involves the restoration and the alteration of the human body. The plastic in plastic surgery is derived from Greek and it means to reshape. Though the trend of plastic surgery has picked up in recent times and almost every celeb makes the headlines for undergoing the knife, the history of this field can be traced back to Ancient India.

    The surgeon Sushrutha is said to have reconstructed the nose successfully and has many contributions to this field. He has also pioneered cataract surgery and all this has been documented in his book, Sushrutha Samhita. Sages like him and Charaka documented their work in Sanskrit which were then translated to many languages.

    Plastic surgery is also called cosmetic surgery but the field is vast and it shouldn’t be associated with only cosmetic enhancement procedures just because cosmetic procedures often grab the headlines. In the next section, we have detailed the different  types of plastic surgery. 

    Types of plastic surgery

    Plastic surgery is broadly classified into two main categories – reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is the field of restoring or reconstructing parts of  the human body to its original state and improving its functioning. Due to many reasons people would have to undergo this surgery to get their mobility or functioning back. E.g.: Treatment of burns, hand surgery, microsurgery, birth defects, etc.

    On the other hand cosmetic surgery is the field of enhancing or improving the features of different parts of the body. These surgeries are voluntary and they are done to remove the signs of aging and improve a person’s appearance. In the next section, we have detailed the procedures we offer to our clients.

    The procedures we offer in plastic surgery

    We offer both types of plastic surgery to our clients – Reconstructive surgery as well as Cosmetic surgery.  Reconstructive surgery is performed on patients so that they can lead normal lives. We have innovative treatment techniques that minimize infections, scars, and reduce long term disability.

    We take a two pronged approach when it comes to reconstructive surgery. Our plastic surgeons offer correction and restoration of the affected area of the body and our cosmetic surgeons improvise the aesthetic appearance and give it a fresh look. We perform microvascular surgeries, treat congenital abnormalities, reconstruction surgery of hands, etc.

    We also perform a wide variety of cosmetic procedures as well that aim to enhance your looks and appearance. Our expert cosmetic surgeons use advanced technologies to perform surgeries like rhinoplasty, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck, dimple creation, and many more procedures. 

    In the next section, we have discussed how the consultation process takes place.

    What to expect when you approach us?

    When you visit us you will check in with the front desk. They will hand out forms that you will need to fill. These forms are important and necessary and you will need to give your complete medical history. Once you fill out the forms, our  staff will take you to our doctors for consultation.

    Here you can discuss with the surgeon what you want to change about your body and why you want to change. You can share the look you aspire for with our surgeon and they in turn will tell you which procedures that will help you in your goals and what results you can expect. They will discuss what is involved in the surgery and the risk and complications of the procedure will be explained to you. Your medical history will be taken where you need to be open and honest.

    Then our surgeon will examine your areas of concern. It might involve taking your measurements as well. Then a surgery date and post operation appointments are scheduled with our staff in conjunction with the surgeon’s schedule.  Sometimes one consultation isn’t enough for you to decide regarding the procedure, then you need to discuss with our staff and fix another appointment with our surgeon. You can also go home and think about your decision.

    Once you are ready you can get in touch with us and we will take care of the next steps.

    Why choose us?

    Glamour Skin Care Bangalore is a highly sought after cosmetology clinic in Bangalore. We offer many procedures in both, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. All our surgeries are performed by board certified world class surgeons who specialize in their fields and have many years of experience as well.

    Our nurses and other technical staff are also highly trained and are very capable during the surgery assisting the doctors competently. Your surgical procedure will be conducted with great precision leaving you satisfied with the results. You will be in good hands when you go under the knife as our staff will leave no stone unturned to perform a successful surgery.

    Our doctors take a holistic approach when treating you and advise you thoroughly regarding the procedure. They will never force any procedure on you so you can approach us without any hassle and with a calm mind.

    Our services are budget friendly and you can get the look you aspired for without burning a hole in your wallet. Our clinic has state of the art facilities with spacious and well stocked operating rooms where various procedures are carried out without any hassles.


    If you are in dire need of reconstructive surgery or you feel surgery is required to enhance your looks and you are not pleased with certain sections of your body then please pay us a visit. You can have a consultation with our expert surgeons and they will design a plan for you that will help  you achieve your aspiration.

    You can drop by our clinic any day during the week as we operate on all seven days of the week from Monday to Sunday. You can also book our services and we will be ready for you when you visit us at the stipulated time. So, if you want to enhance your looks and look your positive best then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At what age can I get plastic surgery?

    You need to be an adult to get plastic surgery. In India, if  you want to get plastic surgery then you need to be above 18 years of age. For people below 18 cosmetic procedures won’t be done and an adult needs to give consent for their surgeries.

    Can Plastic surgery be performed without scars?

    Scars are part and parcel of plastic surgery and they are inevitable because as the body heals it forms scars. But your surgeon can create scars in a place where they are not visible. Your doctor can hide the incision lines or place them in the natural creases of your body. 

    Is plastic surgery painful?

    This depends on the patient’s pain tolerance levels and the procedure being performed. But most people feel that plastic surgery is not painful and the recovery time is also faster. Most surgeries are conducted under general anesthesia so the patient hardly feels a thing.

    What to do post plastic surgery?

    Our doctors will advise you and our staff will schedule many post operation appointments so that your progress will be monitored by our doctors. You can always practice healthy habits like eating nutrient rich foods, quit smoking completely, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and follow the instructions given on how to maintain your skin.

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