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    Dry & Dull Skin Skincare Bangalore

    Glowing skin is a sign of good health. A glow on your face makes you feel happy and beautiful. Dull and lack lustrous skin is very common these days and it is often associated with damaged and tired skin. When your skin loses its natural radiance then it becomes dull. You will also find patches of dry skin on different parts of your face. 

    In today’s fast paced times it is very easy for your skin to lose its radiance. High levels of pollution, bad lifestyles, hectic schedules, stress, improper diets can cause the skin to lose its glow and become dull and dry. So, if you are suffering from dry and dull skin then fret not because we have detailed the kind of treatments available for this skin issue.

    But first, let’s talk about the skin. What is dull skin?

    Dry & Dull Skin care Treatment In Bangalore
    Dry & Dull Skin In Bangalore

    What is dull skin?

    Dull skin is a common condition when the skin has lost its natural glow and radiance and patches of dry skin develop on the face. Dull and dry skin can easily be treated and your skin can recover from looking dull and lifeless. Dull and dry skin go hand in hand and this condition can affect people who have oily skin as well.

    In the next section, let’s get a better understanding of this skin condition by looking at the causes.

    The causes of dull skin?

    Our skin is exposed to the harsh world continuously regularly and all this takes a toll. Your skin becomes dry and dull if you don’t take proper care of it. The common causes behind dull skin are discussed below:

    • Skincare routine: Having a correct skincare routine is very essential. Improper skincare routine where you use the wrong products will only dry your skin further and make it lifeless and dull.
    • Bathing Habits: Having frequent baths or washing with very hot weather can dry your skin to a great extent. Exposure to the harsh chemicals in your soap and shampoo can increase this problem further.
    Dry and Dull Skin Treatment in Bangalore
    • Sun Exposure: Exposing yourself to harmful UV rays for a prolonged time not only dries your skin, but also leads to other skin problems like sun spots, wrinkles, etc. Applying sunscreen is very necessary.
    • Sleep: Sleep is very required by the body. During this time your body heals and rejuvenates, especially your skin. No wonder it is called beauty sleep.
    • Pollution: Pollution like air damages your skin by blocking your pores, and making it dull and lifeless. That is why practices like exfoliation are necessary to help your skin become clean.
    • Smoking: Smoking is very bad for health and it dries out your skin faster than any other factor.
    • Weather conditions: Skin dries quickly in cold weather especially in winters when humidity is low.
    • Vitamin Deficiency: Deficiency of important vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin D can lead to dry skin.

    The good news is dry and dull skin can be prevented. In the following paragraph, we have discussed how this can be done.

    Dry and0 Dull Skin Treatment in Bangalore

    How can dry and dull skin be prevented?

    It is said that prevention is better than cure and this aptly applies here as well. Dry and dull skin can be prevented by taking care of your skin and following the right steps. Cut down your bath time and bathe only once a day. Do not bathe with very hot water. 

    Apply moisturizer after bathing that hydrates your face and seals the moisture in your skin. Use creams that are suitable for all skin types and don’t irritate your skin. Apply sunscreen regularly to limit the harmful effect of UV rays on your skin. Get enough sleep during the night and increase your water intake to stay hydrated always. 

    Practice a good skincare routine and exfoliate your skin gently to remove all the dirt and grime from your face. Have a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables so that there is no vitamin deficiency making your skin dull and lifeless. Quit smoking as it has no health benefits and you are better off kicking this habit permanently. 

    And use hydrating moisturizers during the winter so that your skin doesn’t chafe. Applying a lip balm especially during the night before going to bed is also useful as your lips will be soft and hydrated. This way you can prevent the chapping of your lips as well. 

    These are certain steps you can take to prevent the drying of your skin in the first place. But if you are already suffering from the problem and you require a solution then please visit our clinic where our doctors will diagnose you thoroughly and design treatment plans that will work. In the next section, we have discussed the different types of treatment we offer to our clients.

    The treatments we offer

    We offer different treatments that will treat dry skin effectively. We have discussed them below:

    • Medical Treatment: Our dermatologists will diagnose your skin and determine the cause behind it and prescribe moisturizers that are applied topically based on the severity of the skin condition
    • Dermal Therapies: These include facials and cleanups, that are hygienic and safe and restore your skin to its former glory. They hydrate your skin deeply and exfoliate the top layer of your face. It is customized to suit each individual’s skin type.
    How can dry and dull skin be prevented
    • Mesotherapy: Here, thin and fine needles are used to prick and deliver vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes to the middle layer of your skin. This treatment is effective in treating multiple skin conditions and your skin will instantly feel better.
    • Chemical Peels: Chemical peels are used to remove the top dull layer of your skin by gently exfoliating and peeling the damaged layer of the skin. Once these layers are removed your skin will start glowing naturally.
    • Laser toning: Laser toning uses a laser to remove the dull skin. This is fast acting and makes your skin toned and radiant. It also lightens your skin considerably leaving you with a glowing skin.

    All our treatments are approved by the US FDA and have been proven to be effective on Indian skin.  There are multiple benefits to these treatments as you get rid of dark spots, get your skin hydrated deeply, and get rid of dead skin cells leaving your skin looking radiant and well nourished.

    dull skin Treatment in Bangalore

    Why choose us?

    Glamour Skin Care Bangalore is the most sought after cosmetology clinic in Bangalore and we offer many treatments treating different types of skin conditions. All our dermatologists are board certified and have many years of experience practicing in this field. They are very approachable and friendly and you can discuss any skin problem you might be suffering from.

    Our staff is well trained and can look after you well during the treatment sessions. Our treatment plans are designed only after you undergo a rigorous diagnosis and are custom made to suit the needs of your skin. Our doctors look at your skin holistically and will also give you tips in taking care of your skin and practicing a good skincare routine so that you can maintain your skin for a long time and can prevent your skin from getting dry and dull here afterwards.

    Our cosmetology clinic is equipped with the state of the art facility and we constantly update ourselves with the latest practices of the industry. That’s not all our services and products are very budget friendly and you can get bright and radiant skin without burning a hole in your wallet. We are a one stop clinic when it comes to providing solutions for all your skin problems.

    We leave behind a trail of very happy and satisfied clients with glowing and radiant skin who now face the world with confidence. Our tips on a good skincare routine has helped them maintain their skin for a long time and they are very happy with the results


    Glamour Skin care Bangalore is the best clinic when it comes to getting the best medical advice and treatment regarding your skin. We have the experience and the expertise when it comes to treating your skin effectively. It is our mission to spread awareness regarding healthy practices of the skin and provide treatments that alleviate all your skin problems without being too expensive. 

    So, if you want the best treatment at your disposal then visit our clinic at the earliest and say goodbye to dull and dry skin. We welcome walk-ins or you can book an appointment with us and we will immediately get in touch with you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can stress cause my skin to become dull?

    Over the long term stress can cause your skin to become dull. Stress can hamper the blood supply to your skin making it deprived of essential nutrients and oxygen thereby making it look dull and listless.

    Can vitamin deficiency cause skin dullness?

    Yes, vitamin deficiency can cause skin dullness. If your skin lacks important vitamins like Vitamin A, D, C & E your skin will immediately become dull.

    Does sleep deprivation cause the skin to become dull?

    Yes, sleep deprivation can cause the skin to become dull as it hampers the collagen production. Collagen is very essential to keep your skin elastic and firm. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


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