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    A clear face is the dream of many. Who doesn’t want a blemish free face with smooth skin? But that is easier said than done. Often you will find that your skin is riddled with spots, blemishes and acne. 

    And these marks are not easy to get rid of. Misconceptions, myths and plain ignorance stops you from taking the correct action. The end result? You will still have these spots on your face, lowering your confidence and self esteem. And though your relatives and friends might advise you, their suggestions aren’t always helpful. Then what can you do? 

    pimples skin care

    You can visit our clinic Glamour Skin Care Bangalore instead, to get the right advice and treatment. But before that let’s discuss the basics of a pimple by asking the question – What is a pimple?

    pimples skin Treatment in Bangalore

    What is a pimple?

    Pimples are the red bumps you see on your face and belong to the family of acne. They start at the age of puberty and are present well into your adulthood. They are not only present on your face, but they are also present on your back, chest, and shoulders. Wherever sebaceous glands are present under the skin (oil secreting glands) those areas are prone to pimples.


    In the next section, let’s discuss the science behind the pimple.

    How does acne occur?

    A pimple is formed when the sebaceous glands produce more oil and these pores get clogged with dead skin cells, hair follicles, etc. These clogged pores then become the target of bacteria that is always present on the skin leading the skin to inflame and form the red lesions commonly known as pimples.

    Next, let’s discuss what causes pimples?

    pimples skin care Treatment in Bangalore
    Acne/Pimple Treatment in Bangalore

    What causes pimples?

    Pimples are usually caused when the sebaceous glands produce or secrete more oil. There are many factors that make the sebaceous glands secrete more oil. Hormonal changes have a huge impact and is the most common reason behind this. 

    Other factors like pollution, stress, diet, PCOS, etc. can also cause your skin to flare up. Genetic too play a role and pimples are considered hereditary, so if anyone in your family is suffering from this, then there is a good chance that you might also get it.

    It is not all that bad and there is a silver lining to all this. Thanks to technology many new treatments and drugs have come to the market that can cure this problem completely. So, the dream of having clear skin is no longer a dream but can be made to come true easily. In the next section, we have detailed how we play a huge role in that.

            Types of acne

    Pimples or acne are a common skin condition and can take on several forms on the face. We have listed the different types below:

    • Blackhead: Just like the name you can see black bumps on your face. These are open pores on your skin that get clogged with oil, hair follicles and dead skin cells. The top of these pores never close and get oxidized in the air becoming dark.  
    • Whitehead: Here the pores on your face gets clogged with oil, hair follicles and dead skin cells, but the top of the pore gets closed and a small white bump is formed hence the name whitehead.
    pimple skin care in Bangalore
    • Papules: These pimples are formed when the pores get clogged and the walls surrounding your pores break down. It causes pink bumps that are tender to touch.
    • Pustules: These clogged pores are filled with pus and the walls surrounding the pore breaks down.
    • Nodules: They are similar to pustules except that they are deep seated inside the skin. This type of pimple cannot be treated at home and only prescription drugs can clear them.
    • Cysts: Cysts are similar to nodules but are even present below nodules i.e. they occur very deep within the skin. They are the largest form of acne and are very painful to touch. If ignored or left untreated these acnes are more likely to scar your skin.

    In the next section, we have discussed how we can make a difference to your skin.

    pimple removal in Bangalore

    How can we make a difference to your acne?

    Glamour Skin Care Bangalore is one of the best skin clinics in Bangalore. We have expert dermatologists who are board certified and can diagnose your skin correctly and put you on the right treatment plan. 

    It doesn’t matter what is causing your breakout, our dermatologists will diagnose and treat you properly. It is always better to go in early for an early treatment instead of not doing anything because your acne will further increase and form scars decreasing the chances of your skin healing completely.

    What treatments do we offer?

    We offer many treatments to stop the pimples in its tracks. We also treat your pimples holistically and this means combining one or two treatments effectively. Comedone extraction is performed by our doctors and it helps your pimples in the early stages itself.

    We also prescribe oral medicines that can be bought from any pharmacy. Topical creams and ointments that heal your pimples and prevent it from scarring your face. We also provide laser treatment and light therapy for acne and acne scars. Chemical peels are quite effective in treating acne and acne scars and combined with laser treatment you can achieve blemish free skin quite easily.

    skin crae Bangalore

    Also our dermatologists will advise you on how to care for your skin better and provide tips on skincare so that you can maintain your skin easily post treatment. Some of the tips they provide can be followed for life and it aids in having beautiful skin.

    skin care Bangalore

    Why choose us to treat your acne?

    Glamour Skin Care Bangalore is the most sought after cosmetology clinic in Bangalore. We don’t just stop with diagnosing and treating your skin problem, instead we provide end to end solutions for all your skin woes. Our panel of dermatologists (doctors who specialize in treating the skin) approach treating your skin holistically and will provide tips on having a healthy lifestyle that will do wonders for your acne and general health as well.

    Our dermatologists are board certified and have many years of experience treating different types of skin problems. Their knowledge and expertise is unparalleled and they use it to design the best treatment plans for you.

    Our clinic has a state of the art facility and we use ultra modern equipment to treat your skin problems. All our equipment and treatments are US FDA approved and we constantly update ourselves with the latest trends in the market. We offer the best services when it comes to treating your skin and all our products and services are affordable.

    We are a budget friendly clinic and we pride in providing affordable skincare to all our customers. Our products and services can be availed easily and we take care of your skin till it has healed completely. You can drop by our clinic anytime as we cater to walk-ins. You can also book our services in advance and we will be ready for you at the scheduled time.


    Clear and blemish free skin is not a dream anymore. Anyone can get smooth skin that is free from acne, spots, or blemishes. Here at Glamour Skin Care Bangalore our team of expert doctors treat your skin problems holistically and help you maintain beautiful and youthful skin for life. 

    Our services are pocket friendly and you do not have to burn a hole in your wallet to get clear and smooth skin. This can be easily achieved through our services. So, if you want the best doctors and equipment treating your skin then don’t hesitate to call us and book your appointment at the earliest. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I prevent pimples from appearing on my face?

    There are certain lifestyle changes you need to make to prevent their appearance. You need to make a practice of washing your face twice daily to remove all the dust and grime. Keep your scalp clean, dandruff flakes can cause pimples on your face. Never pop your pimples, this will only make the situation worse and will lead to scarring. Always clean your makeup products like brushes and sponges regularly. Change your bedsheets and pillow covers often.

    Are home remedies useful in curing pimples?

    Home Remedies do not take into account various factors like the type of skin you have, what is causing your pimples, the type of pimples you have, etc. They are not a solution in itself and can only work temporarily. It is best to contact a dermatologist to get properly diagnosed and treated

    Can I cure my pimples by drinking a lot of water?

    Drinking lots of water certainly has benefits but you cannot cure your pimples by doing this. It is a myth. It will improve your hydration and metabolism but wont directly cure you of our acne.

    How long will it take to see the results of my treatment?

    This depends on the kind of treatment and lifestyle changes you make. It usually takes more than one session to see visible and long lasting results.

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