Looking for sales and any information I can get. Proven Sire All rights reserved. A2-A2 Polled Dexter Bull For Sale - Maloy Valley Farm McDowell, VA. Churchville, VA. 1/12/2023 Price - $0 - $ . Triple C Ranch Red, Carries Dun coreynamy31@gmail.com Steer calves $ 800. It has been said that diversity increases capacity, and we can say that we agree! Your blog is cool! Ive settled on dexters and Im excited to get some this spring. They are considered a multi-use breed and have been used as beef cattle, dairy cattle and oxen. Dexters is offering for sale that special herd sire you have been looking for . We note things such as udder, feet, production history (is this animal a proven bull producer? With a sickle mower do you have to let hay dry longer than if you had a haybine? 6 were here. Age of cattle range from 10 to 2 years old. I look at them as one of the only truly sustainable animals on the farm, and a wholesome alternative for the health-conscious family. Offering gentle, halter trained, registered seedstock, milk-trained and bred back females, custom. Remove. They come in three main colors Black, Dunn and Red. He was our herd sire last year and has produced very nice calves this year! Their economical upkeep and long life is an advantage over many other breeds. Super size to get acquainted with and train will transfer registration upon purchase. Website Design By Ranch House Designs, Inc. Order your copy of Dexter Cattle, A Breeders Notebook. Breeding for A2A2 and HOMOZYGOUS POLLED red Dexter Cattle, PHA free and Chrondro free. Chondrodysplasia status: Non carrrier No problem with the questions, good luck with your farm. Red Horned Bull John GreeneADCA Member #9836Greene Acres FarmLouisvilleTN(865) 256-1090johndavid.greene@yahoo.com, ADCA Reg #042189 We offer Dexter cows, bulls, heifers, and calves for sale in Missouri and many surrounding states - we have affordable options for delivery which make us an option for most anyone! Unlike gold and silver cattle are an investment that literally grows, and unlike gold or silver it is an investment that can be quite tasty. Box 7567 LandWatch has 69 land listings for sale in Dexter, MO. Cascade's Snippet #040944 (she goes by mama)Born 03/06/2016Cow, bred, red, polledNon-Chondro-CarrierNon-PHA-CarrierThrown multiple calves for us one of which is a feeder steer in our field1500$, Cascade's Bonnie #041395Born 04/01/2017Cow, bred, red, polledNon-Chondro-CarrierNon-PHA-CarrierThrown multiple calves for us, one of which is a feeder steer in our field1500$, Both cows are due some time in the spring, exact dates are unknown, Bill pasture covers and is kept in the same pen with them throughout the year. Joshua Harding. www.cattlerange.com, Weekly Current & Projected Feedyard Closeouts, Stocker, Feeder, & Slaughter Steer Price Comparison, Weekly Feeder & Stocker Cattle Marketings, Cattle & Corn Bullish/Bearish Consensus Charts, "Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Market Comments, Cattle/Ranching Photos from the 'Good Old Days', Questions & Info about submitting a Listing, Links to Cattle Producers Websites & Facebook Pages, Links to Cattle Producers' Websites & Facebook Pages, https://www.barchart.com/solutions/disclaimers. Im in the same boat as you as set up and needs/wants go. PHA status: Non carrrier. The remainder is due in cash at pickup. Shady Oaks Dexters. A2/A2 beta casein, Dale and Faye HolecekADCA Member Number 93575H RanchAnderson, TX, ADCA Reg. - The Dexter Cattle Lovers at That One Farm, Dexter milking cow "can produce more milk for its weight than any other breed." Tim Lindgren ADCA Member Number #1113716050 464th AveSouth Shore, SD 57263(605) 881-2398timlindgren009@yahoo.com, Chondrodysplasia status Non-chondroPHA status Non-chondro. Dilly is stocky with a flat, level topline and a level tailset. My husband doesnt want to upset the neighbors with their mooing and one of the heifers is very vocal. Now, with that said, let me qualify that statement. Yes hay will dry slower when cut with a sickle mower vs using a haybine. He is tested A1/A2, He needs a new home now as he is a bit closely related to some of our cows Lyle Bangart ADCA Member #2095 KRV FARMS Chilton, Wi (920) 522-2783 mydextets@gmail.com, Mail a check for $34 (includes shipping) to Stefani Millman Looking to start raising min cattle. A $250 deposit is required for each Dexter (non-refundable). We offer Dexter cattle for sale to all cities of Illinois That One Farm offers a variety of Dexters for sale in following cities: Chicago Aurora Rockford Joliet Naperville Springfield Peoria Elgin Waukegan Cicero Champaign Bloomington Decatur Arlington Heights Evanston Schaumburg Bolingbrook Palatine Skokie Des Plaines Orland Park Tinley Park 320-349-0550. Any questions: call Joanne 704-400-3459 at Crazy Blessed Farm, Dwayne Duke Sr. The number off these tags can be used to register your Dexters and it is easier and cheaper than a tattoo. PHA status - Non-carrier Weekly Market Charts. Sturdevants JilLight, PDCA 2005 Video Grand Champion Bull, We have witnessed Dexter cows that have never been worked with, but because of their temperament could be basically lead trained in under an hour. View Breeder Info. A good cow will give you a superior calf every year, a lesser cow will give you a calf every now and then and possibly pass that inferior trait to its offspring. Red Polled Bull Within our network of Dexter breeders, we are sure to have an animal or even a herd that will meet your needs and wants! As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot. Call or email me for more information We have a network of other Dexter breeders that have Dexter cattle for sale in many of the United States. We can arrange for the sale and affordable delivery to all surrounding states including Illinois. I will also test the market for grass fed beef in my area, and will probably start selling some beef in 2015-16. Her price is $1600. Thanks for this summary of your operation. Dexters For Sale. All our cattle are trained to come when called, are raised in a rotational grazing environment and are from a working farm. - The Dexter Cattle Lovers at That One Farm. Within our herd of Dexter cattle, you will find a range of sizes, color, and other traits, but we always strive for selecting the best in the following more universally functional traits. PDCA 2005 Video Grand Champion Female, At most, we would look at some of these things as a bonus when they come with a selected bull. Halter trained!Always organic and pasture fedAlways smooth births! I use the style with a 1/4 quick connect. My timing couldnt have been better as Missouri was suffering from a bad drought and cattle were on sale for those who had the hay. Dilworth is my jackpot bull calf. Number 044357 At just one third the size of a typical dairy cow, the Dexter is said to be the smallest breed of cattle and yet (as stated on the ADCA site) aDexter milking cow "can produce more milk for its weight than any other breed." A2/A2DOB: 5/4/2018Carries Red (her last bull calf was red)Wonderful mother and milk cowSweet, calm, demeanor. We feel that Dexters are a great option for the Missouri family farm or homestead. on the way As the Dexter breed grows in popularity, the MDBA as well as producers across the country, and world, are gathering data to back these claims. Here on That One Farm, we like to look at cattle from the perspective of function more that even that of form or fad (even when it comes to taking a financial hit if necessary when marketing our herd). Yes, tell me when you have Dexters available. PHA Non-carrier Dexters have a mild temperament and have a smaller profile than other commercial breeds - so, Dexters are easy on fences, cattle handling equipment and are great for new cattle owners. A herd of cattle in your field is every bit as valuable as a stocked pantry, maybe more so. They are about half the size of an Angus and eat proportionately less feed. Active Filters. FIVE PONDS FARM , Thomasville, Missouri. Milk Protein Analysis: Favorable for higher milk production, carries variants with increased Casein content desirable for better cheese yield. The cream can be skimmed for butter or ice cream." GAF Red Rios is a homozygous polled 9 month old bull.calf. Also, "the, Missouri Dexter Cattle Starting at $1,300, Contact us for help selling your Dexter cattle in Missouri, Request more info about current Dexter Cattle for Sale in Missouri. Herd Sire Shady Oaks Burl. LANDFLIP #340742 Yields of cream up to one quart per gallon are possible. Please ask and receive written permission before any use. Also, 2 black 2 year old steers for $800 each, and 1 yearling black steerfor $500. 5 AC With 3 Bed, 2 Bath Home. On the contrary, we have experienced a breed full of the most positive traits. $895.00 Cavapoo Puppy. 15 Dexter cattle for Sale; 8 registered cows, 4 non-registered heifers (can be registered), 3 non-registered steers. Looking for cow/calf (Heifer and possibly baby bull) pairs to start a small family farm herd. Price: $2200. Purchasing Instructions Mike & Jenise FryADCA Member# 10610Fry Farm DextersCarthage, TN(561) 846-1848fryfarmtn@gmail.com, Chondrodysplasia status Non- Carrier Our Girls. Now add milk for the family as a side benefit as well as a free mowing service. We feel that Dexters are a great option for the Illinois family farm or homestead. He was born August 26, 2022 and will be ready to leave his dam by the end of February. Mix of black and dun color, polled and horned. They are eligible for registration but we dont have anear tattoo pliers. Acre for acre you can make more beef and money with a smaller breed of cattle like Dexters than the average commercial breed. to save some time and labor over square bales but I would consider doing small squares. YES! All the calves we will be offering will be polled, trained on electric fence and are all natural. You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. Milking, beef or draft we have a breeder. Hello, I would also like to know what type of float value you used for the water tank.. There's always plenty to see. For Sale: Highland/Miniature Dexter Mix Bull, Born May 9, 2022, broke to halter, very small, very good mannered, eats out of your hand. https://www.fairsingfarm.com, ADCA Reg #044424 Mix of black and dun color, polled and horned. More. Contact Zach Bacon of Mossy Oak Properties Mozark Realty to learn more about this land. There's always plenty to see. Gene Bowen (#3497 / 2022)Paradise Farmgenebo16@msn.com(804) 265-8342, ADCA Reg Number #051360 He has the short legs of a chondro carrier and is a non-carrier of PHA. American Dexter Cattle Association | PO Box 209, Stephenville, TX 76401| Contact Us: 1-844-588-2322, Must USE BROWSER GOOGLE CHROME OR MOZILLA FIREFOX. Red Homozygous Polled Bull Items I will cull for include failure to calve, not holding condition, bad temperament and some smaller negative traits. ADCA registered 9 month old Talisman pedigreed heifer. His dam routinely nurses two calves. Edward WazerADCA Member #9108Shundahai FarmStorrs Connecticut(860) 772-9536edward.wazer@gmail.comhttps://www.shundahaifarm.com/, Dun Polled BullAA Dun Friskin ADCA Reg #049941, Chondrodysplasia status Non varrier PHA Non varrier. ), easiness of calving, mothering ability and attentiveness to calf, level of docility (if any sign of aggression is shown, we choose to not select a bull from that animal), what is the quality and condition of the steers previously raised out of this dam we also consider things like a cow that is 20+ years old and still producing a beautiful calf. Price: 2000 Call or email with any questions. Gladhour Farm is located in the gently rolling rich farmland of north Missouri. Just search for 1/4 float valve. Steve or Pat, Spokane, MO Phone: 417.239.7052 or 417.443.6060 Email: Click to Email . This is one handsome dude and one fine specimen of what a Dexter is all about! Welcome to Shady Oaks Dexters, Registered Dexter Cattle For Sale. I will be posting a video of these as well, and I just got a better camera as well with HD video. I expect my cattle to hold condition on good pastures and hay. He has a very thick body. Home. That is why it is very important to cull non-productive cows. A bull with great conformation. If you would like multiple cattle of the same sex, update the quantity field and click Update. Reginald Pilinko www.cattlerange.com, Weekly Current & Projected Feedyard Closeouts, Stocker, Feeder, & Slaughter Steer Price Comparison, Weekly Feeder & Stocker Cattle Marketings, Cattle & Corn Bullish/Bearish Consensus Charts, "Shootin' The Bull" Commodity Market Comments, Cattle/Ranching Photos from the 'Good Old Days', Questions & Info about submitting a Listing, Links to Cattle Producers Websites & Facebook Pages, Links to Cattle Producers' Websites & Facebook Pages, https://www.barchart.com/solutions/disclaimers. After completing the CAPTCHA below, you will immediately regain access to the site again. Sorry for the late reply, I am actually doing an article on acquiring cattle real soon. AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! Virginia Organic Farm and Bed & Breakfast. Connie (045329) Calved 04/15/22 (calf born dead) $1200.Belinda (045326) Due 06/27/22 with her 4th calf, bred to a Red Dexter Bull, $1200 or $1500 after she calves.. We are also offering 4 registerable blackcows (2-3 year olds,and 2-2 year olds) 1 available now with a black bull calfat side born 05/06/22. Thank you, We have 2 yearling Dexter heifers for sale, a red and a black. Thanks. Instead of using ear tattoos you might consider USDA ear tags. In my area as is common throughout the United States the mighty Angus is the most common breed of cattle. My family, extended family and friends will handle several steers a year. Thanks for the great blog. The smaller size makes them easier to handle. 5 mo - Heifer/weaned.Dun/Carries Red.A1/A2, PHA & Condro (Neg).Genetic Testing done UC Davis. Red Horned Bull
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